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Katharina Krause

M.Sc. Psychologist, licensed psychological psychotherapist for behavioral therapy

My name is Katharina und Krause and after successfully completing my psychology degree at the Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg in March 2017, I received my license to practice as a psychological psychotherapist (behavioral therapy) in May 2022. In addition to my psychotherapeutic work, I am researching and doing my doctorate in the projects “Stress and rehabilitation potential in patients with an intracranial meningioma” (BReMen) and “Stress and support needs of the relatives of patients with intracranial meningiomas or (malignant) brain tumors” (BelA). Neuropsychological Department and Neurosurgical Clinic and Polyclinic of the Würzburg University Hospital.

Primary and Further Education:

  • 2012—2017 Study of Psychology (B.Sc. and M.Sc.)
  • 2017—2022 Further training to become a psychological psychotherapist at the working group for behavior modification (AVM) in Würzburg
  • 2022 Approval as a psychological psychotherapist, proof of expertise in behavioral therapy and entry in the medical register
  • Additional qualification “group psychotherapy”
  • Additional qualification “Exercising and suggestive procedures”
  • Further training in the field of trauma therapy (including multi-phase integrative trauma therapy)
  • in further training to become an EMDR therapist (Institute for Behavioral Therapy, Behavioral Medicine and Sexuology (IVS))

Professional background:

  • 2016—2023 Psychologist in the Department of Neuropsychology and the (neuro-) psycho-oncology service at the University Hospital of Würzburg
  • 2017—2018 Psychologist and reference therapist at the Hospital for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic Medicine Schloss Werneck (crisis ward, geriatric psychiatric wards, psychotherapy ward, forensics)
  • 2019—2023 outpatient psychotherapeutic treatments in the AVM institute outpatient clinic (Würzburg)
  • 2022—2023 Independent psychotherapist in the private practice of Dr. Schowalter & colleagues (Würzburg)
  • Seit 2023 Psychotherapist employed at the MVZ Cologne for Psychotherapie GmbH Odendahl & Colleagues (Cologne)