Kant Yearbook

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Kant Yearbook
ISSN: 1868-4602
Editor-in-Chief: Kristina Engelhard (Trier University)
Editorial Office: Lorenzo Spagnesi (Trier University)

Call for Papers for 17/2025 Philosophy of Mind (PDF) ​​​​​
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The Kant Yearbook was founded in 2009 by Dietmar Heidemann and has since become one of the highest esteemed international journals in Kant research. Leading international Kant scholars are members of the editorial board. The goal of the Kant Yearbook is to intensify innovative Kant research on an international level. For this reason, the Kant Yearbook prefers to publish articles in English, but German-language contributions will also be considered. Each issue is devoted to a specific topic. It is published by De Gruyter and has achieved best results in the leading rankings compared to other journals devoted to Kant's philosophy (https://www.degruyter.com/journal/key/kantyb/html?lang=en#ranking).

Editorial Board

Henry E. Allison ✝ (University of California at Davis)
Karl Ameriks (Notre Dame)
Gordon Brittan (Montana State University)
Klaus Düsing ✝ (University of Cologne)
Daniel O. Dahlstrom (Boston University)
Corey Dyck (University of Western Ontario)
Brigitte Falkenburg (University of Dortmund)
Hannah Ginsborg (University of California at Berkeley)
Michelle Grier (University of San Diego)
Thomas Grundmann (University of Cologne)
Paul Guyer (Brown University)
Robert Hanna (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Dietmar Heidemann (University of Luxembourg)
Katharina Kraus (Johns Hopkins University)
Lothar Kreimendahl (University of Mannheim)
Michela Massimi (University of Edinburgh)
James Messina (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Angelica Nuzzo (CUNY)
Robert Stern (Sheffield University)
Dieter Sturma (University of Bonn)
Robert Theis (University of Luxembourg)
Ken Westphal (University of East Anglia)
Markus Willaschek (University of Frankfurt)

Submissions should be emailed to:



Vol. 18/2026 — "Philosophy of History and Culture"
Vol. 17/2025 — "Philosophy of Mind"
Vol. 16/2024 — "Philosophy of Mathematics"
Vol. 15/2023 — "Philosophy of Language"
Vol. 14/2022 — "Constructivism"
Vol. 13/2021 — "Political Philosophy"
Vol. 12/2020 — "Kant and Neo-Kantianism"
Vol. 11/2019 — "Aesthetics"
Vol. 10/2018 — "Philosophy of Religion"
Vol. 09/2017 — "Philosophy of Science"
Vol. 08/2016 — "Kant and German Idealism"
Vol. 07/2015 — "Kant and Empiricism"
Vol. 06/2014 — "Kant and Rationalism"
Vol. 05/2013 — "Kant and Contemporary Theory of Knowledge"
Vol. 04/2012 — "Kant and Contemporary Moral Philosophy"
Vol. 03/2011 — "Anthropology"
Vol. 02/2010 — "Metaphysics"
Vol. 01/2009 — "Teleology"

De Gruyter: https://www.degruyter.com/journal/key/kantyb/html?lang=en#editorial

E-mail-Adresse: kyb@uni-trier.de