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Languages on Offer

The Department of Slavic Studies in Trier includes, of the large variety of Slavic languages, Eastern, Western and Southern Slavic Studies focussing on:

Degree Programmes

The following degree programmes are available (the standard study period is 6 semesters for a Bachelor’s degree and 4 semesters for a Master’s degree):

  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) Russian (formerly Russian for teaching at Gymnasium)
  • Master of Education (M.Ed.) Russian (formerly Russian for teaching at Gymnasium; the teaching qualification is obtained through the combination of B.Ed. and M.Ed.)
  • Bachelor in Russian Philology
  • Master in Russian Philology
  • Master in Slavic Philology

The Master’s programmes can be chosen either on the basis of a Bachelor’s programme completed at Trier University or on the basis of an equivalent Bachelor’s programme completed at another university. If you have any questions the department’s advisors are happy to provide information.

About Our Courses of Studies

Our programmes include language practice classes and lectures on linguistics, literature studies, intellectual history and history of philosophy along with regional, cultural and media studies for all the languages students can select from.Furthermore, Slavic Studies programmes include modules facilitating vocational orientation in general, such as sound academic work and giving presentations etc. The traditional core elements of the subjects are covered in research and teaching, as well as more recent topics, methods and processes (e.g. textual linguistics, pragmatism, cognitive linguistics, e-learning, blended learning).

Comparative events are offered on a regular basis. They go beyond the languages in the programmes and take into consideration other Slavic and Western European languages. The programme stresses the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration going beyond languages. One example is the collaboration with Trier University’s Centre for European Studies. Frequent guest lectures in and about various languages as well as classes given by international guest lecturers for a semester or two enrich the permanent range of courses.

Mandatory and Optional Courses

The framework of the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes with their mandatory subjects is clearly defined. Within it, students are free to prioritise certain content by choosing optional courses. For instance, they may choose a second Slavic language (Polish, Bulgarian or Bosnian-Croatian-Montenegrin-Serbian) in addition to the mandatory Russian.

Collaboration with other Universities

Collaboration and partner agreements with a number of universities give students at Trier University the option of extensive stays in Slavic countries while benefitting from favourable terms. Such agreements exist with the University of Moscow and St. Petersburg (Russia), Cracow (Poland), Sofia (Bulgaria), Zagreb (Croatia) and Belgrade (Serbia). The department’s advisors are happy to help plan such stays abroad.