We offer topics for theses from all areas of algorithms, in particular from the areas of Graph Visualization, Graph Algorithms, and Computational Geometry. If you're interested, please contact us (Philipp Kindermann) and make an appointment such that we can find a fitting topic for you together.


Theses in progress - first supervisor

  • Philipp Geier: "Implementation of an algorithm for compact orthogonal graph layouts" (bachelor's thesis)
  • Fatjon Malushaj: "Integrating data structures and graphs in a visualization framework" (bachelor's thesis)
  • Simon Szulik: "Track layouts from a SAT solving perspective" (bachelor's thesis)


Theses in progress - second supervisor

Completed theses - first supervisor


  • Carolina Haase: On Layered Area-Proportional Rectangle Contact Representations (master's thesis)


Completed theses - second supervisor


  • Anaïs Villedieu: Engineering human-in-the-loop graph drawing algorithms (PhD thesis)
    First supervisor: Prof. Dr. Martin Nöllenburg
  • Sven Führ: Ein Algorithmus zur Berechnung der medialen Achse eines konvexen Polygons (master's thesis)
    First supervisor: Prof. Dr. Stefan Näher
  • Sascha Paulus: Eine Simulationsumgebung für Robotik-Programme (bachelor's thesis)
    first supervisor: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Jacqueline Staub


  • Moritz Gobbert: Memory Distance - A Different Metric for Analyzing Algorithm Performance (PhD thesis)
    First supervisor: Prof. Dr. Stefan Näher
  • Martin Blum: Generic Translation Concept for the SchenQL Query Language (master's thesis)
    First supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ralf Schenkel
  • Peter Markfelder: Extension of Partial Contact Representations (master's thesis)
    First supervisor: Prof. Dr. Alexander Wolff