The internationalization of economic activities affects more and more companies and organizations. Therefore current and future university graduates have to have verygood foreign language skills. The Department of Business, Economics etc. of the University Trier is offering a Fachspezifische Fremdsprachenausbildung (FFA), which is an additional certification language program in English since 1990/91 and in Chinese since 2019/20.

The program is exclusively for the students of Faculty IV. To participate in the FFA English program you need to pass the entrance test for this language. No basic language skills are required for FFA Chinese.

The FFA training will cover eight hours per week and usually takes two semesters.

Within the introduction of the bachelor system in business administration, economics and sociology it is possible to acknowledge FFA English or FFA French as an optional subject after a successful completion. If there are any questions please contact us, stating your name and student number.