Jane Meiforth

Now at Landcare Research.

Co-tutelle with

New Zealand School of Forestry College of Engineering
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
New Zealand


E-Mail: jane.meiforthpg.canterbury.acnz


J. J. Meiforth, H. Buddenbaum, J. Hill & J. Shepherd (2020). Monitoring of Canopy Stress Symptoms in New Zealand Kauri Trees Analysed with AISA Hyperspectral Data.Remote Sensing, 12, 926. DOI

J. J. Meiforth, H. Buddenbaum, J. Hill, J. Shepherd & A.D. Norton (2019): Detection of New Zealand Kauri Trees with AISA Aerial Hyperspectral Data for Use in Multispectral Monitoring. Remote Sensing 11 (23), 2865. DOI  

J. J. Meiforth, H. Buddenbaum, J. Hill, J. Shepherd, D. A. Norton (2019): Detection of New Zealand kauri trees by remote sensing. Conference of the New Zealand Ecological Society, Lincoln, December 1 - 5, 2019. (Poster presentation)