Algorithmic Optimization

Mathematical optimization is a discipline of high importance for economy, science, industry, policy support, and the public and private sector. Due to practical demand and the rise of computing capabilities, experts proficient in this field are needed in research and development. This research training group therefore focuses on education in the field of algorithmic optimization (ALOP).

The Mathematics Department of Trier University has a strong research focus on all facets of algorithmic optimization, which has also stimulated collaboration with our Economics Department. Numerical methods for optimization problems are in high demand in economics for purposes of survey statistics and equilibrium models, but also in other important application fields investigated in Trier like shape optimization in engineering systems, process optimization in biological systems, auction pricing. Thus, a critical mass of expertise and scientists is available in Trier to pursue a high-ranked education and research program for PhD students within a DFG funded research training group.

The focus of ALOP research is         

  • on the development of cross-disciplinary optimization methods and algorithms for challenging problems motivated by real applications,
  • on the identification of problem classes and effective exploitation of their structures, which naturally lead to an integrated optimization approach, and
  • on the dissemination of recent results in optimization to promising young researchers.
Project NameALOP - Algorithmic Optimization
Dauer04/01/2016 - 09/30/2020
ProjektgeberGerman Research Foundation (DFG)

Prof. Dr. Volker Schulz (Mathematics)

From the Economic and Social Statistics Department the following persons are involved as Principle Investigators (PI):

          Prof. Dr. Ralf Münnich

          Dr. Jan Pablo Burgard  

Further Information about ALOP can be found here