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What is TriMUN?

TriMUN stands for Trier Model United Nations. TriMUN can look back on a proud tradition: since 2002, committed students from different faculties at the University of Trier and the University of Luxembourg, as well as from all around the world, have participated in TriMUN. By participating, our delegates get a deep insight into the UN system and aquire the necessary skills that it takes to be a diplomat. As a culmination, the delegations from Trier take part in the so-called NMUN in New York. It is the worldwide biggest simulation of the United Nations and in total assembles about 10.000 students from all around the world. Here, the various delegations represent the interests of a nation which was previously assigned to them. As part of that, the participants have to put themselves into the shoes of their represented nation, knowing about its objective realities, its interests as well as the nation’s state of mind.

TriMUN is a project which conveys an open mind along with negotiation skills to its participants. Every country and each region is dependent on such representation on the world stage. In our seminar, such representatives are formed for the future.

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Disclaimer: The seminar only takes place once a year. Usually, the application process starts around July.

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