Preparatory Seminar

Preparatory Seminar

During the semester there are two preparatory seminars for TriMUN each week. In order to avoid overlapping with other seminars, these usually take place on Fridays and Saturdays.

Within the seminars, the participants learn about the core tasks and main organs of the United Nations and are specifically prepared for the challenges of NMUN (and of course all other conferences). In addition to that, the participants gain fundamental knowledge of the assigned country which will be represented at NMUN. Simultaneously, important basic knowledge about diplomacy, detailed negotiation strategies as well as the independent processing of complex and international issues are acquired.

Further, the English skills of the delegates improve considerably, since all TriMUN-related events are held in English. Moreover, the regularly occurring rhetorical training aims to improve the self-confidence and presentation skills of each delegate.

Orga Teams

The delegates will also work on an organising team outside the seminar. They will organise travel and accommodation to Blankenheim, Erfurt and Weimar or Berlin as well as accommodation in Washington, or be responsible for the Final Report or PR and Fundraising.

In 2023 there will be 3 Orga Teams Public-Relations, Final Report, and Travel and Finance.

Public Relation

The Public Relation Team is responsible for the public image and perception of the project. The team takes care of the social media presence of TriMUN and also manages the homepage. In order to increase the awareness of TriMUN, the Public Relation Team is also responsible for contacting newspapers, radio and TV stations.


The Fundraising Team is responsible for finding sponsors to support TriMUN, preferably financially, or to raise funds through parties or stalls. The Fundraising Team is a part of the Public-Relations-Team, because on the one hand they have to advertise the events and on the other hand they have to report about the events.

Travel and Finance

The Travel and Finance Team is responsible for planning the travel and accommodation. During TriMUN the delegates travel to Erfurt or Weimar or fly to New York. The Travel and Finance Team takes care of collecting the money from the participants and then booking the hotels and any flights.

Final Report

The Final Report Team's main task is to write a report on each simulation. The reports record the course of events, impressions and happenings. After the final simulation in New York, a report on the World MUN will be written and then all reports will be bundled and compiled into a comprehensive final report.