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  • The PC-Pool E9 with Linux computers is freely available to the students of mathematics. Only a user ID is necessary, which you can apply for at the EDV (edvmatheuni-trierde).
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    Universität Trier - Gebäude E
    Fachbereich IV - Mathematik
    Universitätsring 19
    54296 Trier
RoleNameExtenison numberE-MailOffice
Department spokesmanSchulz, Volker3484sprecher-mathematikuni-trierde (volker.schulzuni-trierde)E128
Study AdvisorMüller, Jürgen3490jmuelleruni-trierdeE224
Audit Committee  (V) BSc/MScMattner, Lutz 3506
Audit Committee (V) BEd/MEdWengenroth, Jochen3499wengenrothuni-trierdeE211
Erasmus-RepresentativeWengenroth, Jochen3499wengenrothuni-trierdeE211
Bafög-RepresentativeRoos, Bero3501bero.roosuni-trierde



List Of Employees

Name+49 651 201 - (extension number)E-MailOffice
Beck, Yasmine3861yasmine.beckuni-trierdeE 4
de Vries, Sven3476devriesuni-trierdeE 117
Frerick, Leonhard3505frerickuni-trierdeE 223
Gebhardt, Anke-Julia3518gebhardtuni-trierdeE 2
Gierens, Fabian3462gierensfuni-trierdeE 123
Harder, Sven3508harderuni-trierdeE 202
Hauschild, Sarah-Alexa3473hauschilduni-trierdeE 112
Hilgers, Maurice3491hilgersmuni-trierdeE 222
Hoffmann, Michaela3510hoffmichuni-trierdeE 201
Horländer, Andreas3451horlaenderuni-trierdeE 1
Huschens, Julia3440huschensuni-trierdeE 127
Jakobs, Jonas3460jakobsjuni-trierdeE 101
Kannengießer, Lukas4788kannengiesseruni-trierdeE 114
Klar, Manuel3463klaruni-trierdeE 104
Lefebvre, Henri3455lefebvre@uni-trier.deE 21
Maier, Stefan3468s4stmaieuni-trierde

E 109

Marheineke, Nicole3470marheinekeuni-trierdeE 115
Mattner, Lutz3506mattneruni-trierdeE 203
Mönch, Marius 3474moenchuni-trierdeE 110
Molan, Ioana3451molanuni-trierdeE 1
Moschen, Lucas4304moschenuni-trierdeE 2
Müller, Jürgen3490jmuelleruni-trierdeE 224
Münch, Sabine3786muenchuni-trierdeE 105
Neumann, Berenice3466neumannbuni-trierdeE 107
Ortegón, Andrés 3472ortegonuni-trierdeE 111
Perscheid, Bernd3475perscheiduni-trierdeE 116
Pinheiro, Maria Eduarda3518pinheirouni-trierdeE 2
Post, Olaf3498olaf.postuni-trierdeE 218
Raach, Stephen3480raachuni-trierdeE 121
Röpke, Jörg2487roepkeuni-trierdeBZ 125
Roos, Bero3501bero.roosuni-trierdeE 212
Sachs, Ekkehard3494sachsuni-trierdeE 214
Schmidt, Martin3481martin.schmidtuni-trierdeE 20
Schmidt, Stephan3453s.schmidtuni-trierdeE19
Schmitt, Lisa3493schmitt_lisauni-trierdeE 216
Schrecklinger, Robin3471robin.schrecklingeruni-trierdeE 120
Schröder, Bianca3497schroeuni-trierdeE 213
Schulz, Volker3484volker.schulzuni-trierdeE 128
Schuster, Matthias3467schustermuni-trierdeE 108
Seifried, Frank3486seifried@uni-trier.deE 130
Sokolowski, Laura3461sokolowskiuni-trierdeE 129

Thieme-Trapp, Monika

3485thieme-trappuni-trierdeE 102
Thomaser, Tobias3511thomaseruni-trierdeE 225
Thürauf, Johannes3452thueraufuni-trierdeE 22
Van Nerven, Patrick3509patrick.vanNervenuni-trierdeE 204
Wahlen, Judith3478wahlenuni-trierdeE 119
Wengenroth, Jochen3499wengenrothuni-trierdeE 211
Willems, Lea3503lea.willemsuni-trierdeE 205
Würschmidt, Maximilian3462wuerschmidtuni-trierdeE 123
Zimmer, Sebastian3507zimmerseuni-trierdeE 209
Zwartenkot, Ellen3473zwartenkotuni-trierdeE 113

Honorary Doctors

  • On December 13, 1995, Dr. h.c.. Victor Klee (Wikipedia entry) was awarded an honorary doctorate. The text of the gallery in Department IV can be found here.
  • On June 09, 2004, Dr. rer. nat. h. c. Norair. U. Arakelian (further information) was appointed honorary doctor. The text of the gallery in Department IV can be found here.