Environmental Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics

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Dear Students,

with the current exceptional situation, we also face a number of challenges in teaching. According to the current planning status, we assume that we will offer the majority of the lectures, exercises and seminars as digital courses. More detailed information on implementation, communication options, tasks, technology, etc. will follow little by little. Please register as usual via PORTA for the individual events. The otherwise applicable registration deadlines are canceled. The events will start on April 20th. It is important for you that Stud.IP will become the primary start and communication site for the digital event. The forum is one of the communication options available to us at Stud.IP. Please use the forum for your questions whenever possible. So everyone involved can read the questions and answers (and answer them themselves or to each other). We will endeavor to structure, communicate and carry out the event as best as possible. However, we rely on your active cooperation and hope for your understanding if everything does not work directly and smoothly.

We wish you a good start to the digital semester! Stay healthy!

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With this page we'd like to inform you on studying Remote Sensing in the geographic and geoscientific education at the University of Trier. Furthermore, you can view our research projects, our equipment, and the people of the Environmental Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics department.



You can navigate to this site via fernerkundung.uni-trier.de or feut.de