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1st Call for Papers: Biennial Partnership Conference September 20-21, 2018 University of Manitoba, Canada

Treasury, Guardian, Cognitive Process: Memory Studies in Canada and Germany

University of Manitoba – University of Trier – University of Greifswald

“Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

We live in one of the great ages of memory, a time in which forces have converged to push memory to the forefront of our moral, political, scientific, and aesthetic lives. Some have even referred to the current moment as being characterized by a “memory boom.” The standard view of this boom is that it has come about owing to a variety of factors, including, a decline in confidence in “modernist” narratives of progress over the course of the twentieth century, the rise of consumer culture, which has turned nostalgia into a commodity, and multiculturalism and individualism, which have in related ways fragmented our collective sense of self, forcing nation-states to turn to the real or imagined past to buttress their legitimacy. Memory has been further bolstered by the Holocaust and other such horrors, which have called into question the integrity of our moral imaginations and ushered in what has been called “a culture of trauma and regret.” We find this culture at work in public institutions such as memorials and museums, as well as in the proliferation of media representations of the personal past. It is also evident in such socially and politically transformative agencies and processes as truth commissions and public inquiries.

Proposals are invited for an interdisciplinary conference on the subject of memory. The conference, to be held at the University of Manitoba, is in partnership with the Trier University. The scope of the conference is broad, and the theme is intended to encompass scholarship on all forms of memory (personal, collective, institutional, cognitive, etc.). Of particular interest is work pertaining to memory as it is understood, and circulates (is celebrated, contested, etc.), in Canadian and German academic and cultural contexts. Presentations are welcome to address works and issues from different fields, media, and conceptual perspectives.

Paper, and/or panel proposals, including a short one page c.v. should be sent to either Dr. James Fergusson (James.Fergussonad.umanitobaca), Dr. Adam Muller (Adam.Mullerumanitobaca) or Dr. Gene Walz (walzcc.umanitobaca) no later than April 30, 2018. It is expected that funding will be available for accommodations and local costs.

Canada-Afternoon (24.11.2016)

Canada will celebrate its 150th birthday in 2017. In anticipation of this occasion, the Canadian Studies Centre at the University of Trier (ZKS) has organised an interdisciplinary information session with the German-Canadian society (DKG) and the international research training group "Diversity" (IRTG). Introductory presentations on history, geography, literature, art, music, and tourism offered first insights into the political, societal and cultural development of Canada. Additionally, students were introduced to study possibilites and the program "Work & Travel in Canada".

Time: 16:00 to 18:30h
Location: Guest room at the University of Trier

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17. Partnership Conference (May 11-14, 2016)

Wor(l)ds of Trauma: Canadian and German Perspectives

Participants: Universities of Trier and Manitoba
Venue: Guest room of Trier University

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Prestigious Award for Canadian Scholarship

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Klooß is the first German scholar to be honored with the International Award for Canadian Studies.

Mr. Wolfgang Klooß, Director of the interdisciplinary Centre for Canadian Studies at the University of Trier, will be honored with the prestigious Governor General's International Award for Canadian Studies. He is the first German scholar to receive the award which is being granted each year in recognition of outstanding contributions to the development of Canadian Studies.

Since 1991, Mister Klooß has been the Director of the interdisciplinary Centre for Canadian Studies, a central academic institution at the University of Trier. Before his retirement in 2013, he was holder of the chair in English Literature at the University of Trier. Besides, Mister Klooß was president of the Association for Canadian Studies in German-speaking countries and member of the International Council for Canadian Studies. As Dean of the Humanities Faculty and vice president of the University of Trier, he was also engaged in collegiate self-governance. He is now a Fellow of St. John's College at the University of Manitoba.

Most of his cultural and historical works on Canadian literature are devoted to various topics and authors of the 19th, 20th and 21st century. With his prize-winning monograph on the Canadian Métis and numerous smaller studies, there is, however, a certain focus on the Canadian Aboriginal peoples. Klooß is also a member of the International Research Training Group "Diversity".

His nomination was submitted by the Association for Canadian Studies in German-speaking countries, whose former president Ursula Lehmkuhl is also a Canadian Studies scholar at the University of Trier. In addition to the Governor General's Award, Stefanie Fritzenkötter from the Romance department will be honored with the Dissertation Award of the International Council for Canadian Studies.

Professor Klooß will receive the Governor General's International Award during a ceremony at Trent University in Peterborough (Ontario) on May 23th, 2015.

International Research Training Group "Diversity"

On 1 April 2013, the International Research Training Group "Diversity" (IRTG) has officially been established. The participating institutions are the Universities of Trier, Saarbrücken, and Montréal. You will find further information below:

Website of the International Research Training Group (IRTG)

Article on the IRTG in the journal of the University of Trier (3/2013) 


Dr. Lutz Schowalter
IRTG Diversity
Phone: +49 (0) 651 201-3316
E-Mail: schowaltuni-trierde

Festschrift in honor of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Klooß

F(e)asting Fitness? Cultural Images,
Social Practices, and Histories of Food and Health

Is this an appetizing treat for those fit enough to stomach a surprise or two? this Fe(a)stschrift in honor of Wolfgang Klooß - reflecting his academic and personal pursuits - challenges our understanding of how health, food, and fitness interact: Whether charting the practice of cannibalism as survival strategy, or early forms of cooking and food exchange, or excessive and sophisticated consumption in North America; whether detailing the calorie control in postwar Germany, or the feeding of the poor in nineteenth-century England, or the human enhancement program for super soldiers; whether tracing the sexuality of the aging, or the nation-building discourses in the context of the Vancouver Olympics and of hockey movies - this collection provides a menu of twenty-one diverse dishes that both entertain and nourish more than just a hungry intellect. Spicing up the essays by German and Canadian scholars, this serving includes seven mostly short literary texts (one involving the assistance of a wooden chef) by renowned Canadian authors. As these contributions offer their digestions on the cultural images, social practices, and histories inherent in the topic, they demonstrate how fine a line there often is between fasting and feasting fitness.

Annekatrin Metz, Markus M. Müller, Lutz Schowalter (Eds.)

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