Research Interests and Projects

Research Interests

  • Cultural, social, and economic history of the late Roman republic
  • Ancient ritual culture, particularly late antique/early byzantine imperial ceremonial
  • Seafaring and sea power in the ancient world
  • Historical Network Research
  • Classical receptions (especially in new and digital media)


  • Ideologie und Zeremoniell. Die Rituale des Kaiserhofs von Theodosius bis Herakleios (379-641 n. Chr.) (Ideology and Ceremonial. The Rituals of the Imperial Court from Theodosius to Heraclius)

Book projects

  • The Ties That Bind. Ancient Politics and Social Network Analysis (edited volume, with W. Broekaert and E. Köstner, in review for Collection Latomus, 2018). 
  • Representations of Classical Antiquity in Video Games: Playing with the Ancient World (edited volume, under contract for Bloomsbury Academic, 2019/20).
  • The Tetrarchy as Ideology. (Re)Presentations and (Re)Figurations of an Imperial Power (edited volume, with F. Carlà-Uhink, in preparation).

On-going Research Projects

  1. Maritime Risks (MaRis) - Interdisciplinary research project financed by the University of Trier

Together with Prof. Dr. Ulrike Gehring (History of Art, Trier) and Dr. Simon Karstens (Early Modern History, Trier).

The project will aim to facilitate interdisciplinary exchange between representatives of nautical and technological history, ancient, medieval and early modern history, art history, and historical literary studies because we believe that it is only by adopting a trans-epochal perspective that the dependencies and interactions between individual figurations of risks and their mastery, as well as the continuities and breaks in risk imaginations across historical periods can become evident. Thus, special emphasis will be laid on receptions of classical culture and knowledge in the middle ages and the early modern period, particularly as far as the alleged break between medieval and early modern/Renaissance scientific and heuristic practices are concerned.