The Centre for Canadian Studies (ZKS) is one of the central institutions of the University of Trier. Its tasks primarily include the interdisciplinary study of Canada, academic cooperation with Canadian institutions in Germany and abroad, the implementation of research outcomes in teaching, and the documentation and evaluation of academic literature on the study of Canada.

In addition to a focus on Anglo-Canadian literature and French-Canadian linguistics, the broad spectrum of scholarly activities at the Centre for Canadian Studies (ZKS) includes research in history, sociology and ethnology, economics and comparative law, as well as cultural and landscape geography.

Furthermore, a special project is devoted to the remote mapping of Canada by means of aerial and satellite image analysis, while another research project, funded by the Ministry of Science of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, is concerned with the social and literary aspects of Canadian multiculturalism.

The ZKS also regularly hosts readings, exhibitions, guest lectures by scholars from Germany and abroad, and interdisciplinary symposia and workshops.

A partnership agreement ratified in 1985 between the University of Trier and the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg ensures close cooperation between them. It benefits both sides equally in the form of study, teaching and research visits in Trier and Winnipeg respectively. Within the framework of this partnership, ten interdisciplinary colloquia have so far been held in either Winnipeg or Trier.

In its own series of publications, the ZKS regularly publishes the lectures given at the conferences as well as other scientific and literary texts (ten volumes to date).