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“Canadian Studies” certificate

Regulations for the attainment of the “Canadian Studies” certificate


§ 1 Responsibilities and Organization

(1) The following regulations apply to the certificate programme in Canadian Studies at the University of Trier. They include the organization, the subject matter, and the requirements for the obtaining of the certificate.

(2) The programme offers an interdisciplinary curriculum including courses from the following academic disciplines: English Studies, Romance Studies, Media Studies (FB II), History, Art History, Political Science (FB III), Sociology, Anthropology (FB IV), Geography, Geosciences (FB VI).

(3) The Centre for Canadian Studies at the University of Trier is responsible for the organization of the programme and the coordination of the curriculum.


§ 2 Eligibility

(1) The certificate is open to undergraduate as well as master students. Parallel to their regular course programme students can enroll in courses relevant for the certificate.


§ 3 Time schedule

(1) The programme is not based on a fixed time scheme. Courses can be attended both in the winter and the summer semester.


§ 4 Subject Matter

(1) Students will be able to choose courses from one of the following core areas: 1. Canadian history, politics, society and geography; 2. Canadian literature, culture, language and media.

(2) Students are advised to choose courses from both core areas. If a specialization in one of the two core areas is opted for, at least one course from the second area must be attended. All courses are attributed to one of the two core areas.

(3) The certificate programme serves both educational and vocational purposes and provides the participants with additional professional qualifications.


§ 5 Requirements

(1) The certificate requires a total of 12 credit hours (12 SWS) for both undergraduate and master students.

(2) There is no need for a qualified achievement certificate, regular and active course attendance must, however, be confirmed by the respective instructor.


§ 6 Assessment

(1) The requirements for the completion of the individual courses are based on the examination regulations of the respective departments.


§ 7 Certificate 

(1) After a successful completion of the requirements listed under § 5, and upon application, participants in the certificate programme may obtain the certificate "Kanadische Studien" from the Dean of FB II.

(2) The certificate will not display a mark.

Trier, 10 July 2013



Regulations for the attainment of the “Canadian Studies” certificate (german)