Dear international students,

The University of Trier is, by German standards, a mid-seized university with approximately 15,000 students at the undergraduate and graduate level. The University has faculties in all major subject areas, but is known in particular for its research and teaching in the areas of human services, social sciences and humanities. It is a fully accredited university within the German system and is widely recognized for excellence across Europe.

The University of Trier is delighted that you are interested in studying in one of the most beautiful regions in Germany for your exchange program. Besides the fact that you would be living and studying in the oldest city of Germany, birthplace of Karl Marx as well as rich Roman history and culture, there are quite some professional reasons for exchange stay at the School of Social and Organizational Pedagogy at the University of Trier.

School of Social and Organizational Pedagogy at the University of Trier (Institut für Erziehungswissenschaft) focuses on its undergraduate and graduate program on various fields of practice with Child and Youth Care being one of the most important ones.

ECTS information

For active participation in classes, seminars and lectures you will receive 2 ECTS points. If the selected class is completed with an examination (e.g. written exam, term paper), you can receive 5 ECTS points instead. In individual cases, ECTS can be awarded for additional achievements (presentations, lectures, oral exams), but there is a maximum of 5 ECTS per event.

For further information please feel free to contact our Erasmus coordinator Philipp Annen ( or the appropriate member of staff at the International Office Janina Kröner (