Institut of Psychobiology

The Institute of Psychobiology was founded in 2008 as follow-up structure of the former Graduate School of Psychobiology. In different research divisions, psychologist, biologists, physicians and researchers of related subjects investigate biological correlates of human behavior. Using a multidiscplinary approach, the common research theme is the psychobiological investigation of stress.

Head of the Institute of Psychobiology: Prof. Dr. Hartmut Schächinger

The major duty of the institut is the training of Phd-students (Dr. rer. nat.). Doctoral students are usually funded by stipends, Phd-Projects of external students are generally possible. The institute also participates in teaching in the Master of Psychology at the University of Trier (for further details see webpages of departments).

Following Divisions are part of the Institute of Psychobiology:

Department of Neurobehavioural Genetics (Prof. Dr. Jobst Meyer)

Department of Psychoneuroimmunology (Prof. Dr. Claude Muller)

Department of Clinical Psychophysiology (Prof. Dr. Hartmut Schächinger)

On question about their studies or PhD projects undergraduate and graduate students may contact the Student's Advisory Service of Psychobiology: Dr. André Schulz