Colloquium Cognitive Psychology, every monday from 2:30 s.t. to 4 pm, room D 032
2023-10-23Scheduling and organization 
2023-10-30Time flies: Event file decay and inhibition of returnLars-Michael Schöpper
2023-11-06The (revised) difference between temporary and persistent tactile landmarksPaula Soballa
2023-11-13Perceived location & perceived speed-are they connected?Simon Merz
2023-11-20Of tusks and horns. Task-driven modulations of binding and retrieval of object featuresNicolas Münster
2023-11-27Kapazitätslimitierungen von Distraktor-Response-Bindungen: Ein Experimentalüberblick              Lorena Hell
2023-12-04A critical reevaluation of external grouping in S-R bindingPhilip Schmalbrock
2023-12-11Post-response beta synchronization and target-based event-file decayBernhard Pastötter
2023-12-181126 days of stress – What has come of it?Christoph Geissler
2024-01-08The role of figure-ground segmentation in distractor-response bindingRuth Laub
Higher-order interactions of distractor and response featuresTarini Singh
2024-01-15Decision making in and outside the lab (soccer, tennis, basketball,…)Prof. Dr. Wim Notebeart,
Ghent University, Belgium
2024-01-22 Birte Moeller
 Maria Nemeth
2024-01-29 Nilay Türkan
2024-02-05 Elena Benini,
RWTH Aachen
12-2 pm
K 101
Poster session for all bachelor and master theses                               BSc. und MSc. students

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