Colloquium Cognitive Psychology - SoSe 2022

2022-04-05Scheduling and organization-
2022-04-12Influence of peripheral tactile LandmarksP. Soballa
2022-04-19Stimulus grouping in the context of complex action controlS. Selimi
2022-04-26My Brain knows Me: Neural Oscillatory Markers for the Self-Prioritization EffectC. Haciahmet
2022-05-03Response-response binding across event boundariesB. Moeller
The forward testing effect is robust to psychosocial retrieval stressB. Pastötter
2022-05-10Binding of self-relevant stimuli in action controlMarcel Pauly
Universität des Saarlandes
May the association be with you! A test for indirect response transfer using previous S-S associationsM. Arunkumar
Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
2022-05-17Can speed expectations eliminate Representational Momentum?S. Merz
2022-05-24Evaluative Conditioning via Response-Response Learning  and Operant ConditioningT. Singh
Investigating distractor processing in an applied contextR. Laub
2022-05-31 P. Schmalbrock
2022-06-14 Lari Vainio PhD, University of Helsinki, FI
2022-06-21 L.-M. Schöpper
 C. Geißler
2022-06-28 L. Hell
2022-07-12Bachelor and Master theses (Postersession)various students

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