Colloquium Cognitive Psychology, every monday from 2 to 4 pm, room D 032
2022-10-24Scheduling and organization 
2022-10-31CRC intiative: Dynamics of perception-action integration – basic idea and approachChristian Frings
2022-11-07Inhibition versus retrieval: Negative compatibility effect meets S-R bindingLars-Michael Schöpper
2022-11-14Ageing and control of complex actions – a preliminarySilvia Selimi
2022-11-21Prestimulus alpha power signals episodic memory retrieval modeBernhard Pastötter
2022-11-28cancelled due to illnessPhilip Schalbrock
Semantic Desktop: Neuronale Korrelate von Cognitive OffloadfingChristoph Geißler
2022-12-05A time-frequency based comparison of retrieval-confounded and confound-minimzed congruency-sequence effects in the Simon taskCéline Haciahmet
2022-12-12Landmark attraction in vision and touch Paula Soballa
digital talk
cancelled due to illnessLorena Hell
Motion perception: An exploration of the influence of speed characteristics within an experimental context.
D: 869 8845 0032, Code: z0672Gns
Simon Merz
digital talk
Effort influences Response-response binding effects
Birte Moeller


D 435

PD Dr. Kerstin Fröber, Universität Regensburg:

On how to be flexible (or not): What we learnt about the flexibility-stability-balance from (voluntary) task switching studies.

2023-01-16Testing for differences in EC effects via S-R Binding and Operant Conditioning – v2Tarini Singh
Distractor-response binding in a daily working contextRuth Laub


D 435

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christina Pfeuffer, Kath. Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt:
Binding and Long(er)-term Retrieval of Stimulus-Classification and Stimulus-Action Associations.
2023-01-30Age differences in feature binding tasksNicolas Münster
A 9/10
Bachelor and Master theses (Postersession)Various students

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