Research Topics

One focus of the department is on how attitudes are formed, how they are related to behavior, and what factors contribute to attitude change. These questions are addressed in the context of political psychology, developmental psychology, environmental psychology, and psychobiological stress research, among others.

For example, we are interested in the question of which boundary conditions (e.g., needs, emotions) underlie right-wing radicalization.

A particular current focus is on the question of how people behave in crises and how resilience in crises can be improved. 

The department's own Virtual Reality Lab, where human behavior is investigated in Virtual Reality (VR), was established based on a grant from the German Science  Foundation (DFG). Here, you can find our funded projects.

EINSTEIN project: The department is part of the (research) cooperation between the University of Trier and the Katholischen KiTa gGmbH Trier.

Below you will find selected publications on the different research areas of the department.

Basic Understanding of Attitude Formation and Change 

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Psychology of Crises and Threat

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Attitudes and Political Behavior

Isemann, S. D., Walther, E., Solfrank, S., & Wilbertz, F. (2019). Peacefully changing the world: Political system support facilitates peaceful but prevents violent protest orientation among school students. Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology. Advance online publication.