Supervision of bachelor's and master's theses

Inquiries regarding theses

Please send your enquiries regarding theses via email to the department (, stating a topic of specialisation.

Supervision Agreement for Theses

→ The supervision agreement, as well as the guidelines for writing a qualification thesis can be found here.

→ For current information on how to register a Bachelor's or Master's thesis, please visit the corresponding page of the University Examination Office (HPA) or refer to the module handbooks of the Bachelor's or Master's program.

Topics for qualification work

Topics for bachelor and master theses arise from the research activities of the department.

Further information is available during the respective office hours. 

Note: Qualification work as pdf version

Students who write their qualifying thesis in the Department of Social Psychology are asked to provide the first examiner with an additional pdf version of the thesis without being asked to do so, in addition to submitting it to the University Examination Office (HPA).


40 VPN-Credits needed for bachelor's theses from summer semester 2020

Students writing their bachelor's thesis in the Department of Social Psychology are asked to provide proof of the required 40 SONA-Credits to the department office (Room D219) in due time before registering for the bachelor's thesis.

! Starting with the summer semester 2020, the proof of the required 40 SONA-Credits is required for the registration of a final thesis !