Research Focus

The research unit focuses on the current transformations of the media and communication environment. We study processes such as mediatization, digitalization, and datafication of society. In particular, we address how patterns change in a digitalized public sphere. 
Empirically, we study content, formats, and interaction structures. Our research connects to three research fields with specific questions and projects.


Changes in political communication

Direct interactions between journalism, politics, and citizens in digital publics. Evaluative interactions patterns. 

Changes in digital journalism

Social media and multichannel communication in journalism. Journalistic research and verification. 

Changes in strategic communication

Social media and public relations. Network monitoring and issue management. Influencers and network gatekeepers. 

Research Projects

Journalism beyond the crisis (2016-2020)

ARC Discovery Grant (Information)

Prof Axel Bruns, Dr Aljosha Schapals (Brisbane) in cooperation with Prof Folker Hanusch (Vienna), Prof Christoph Neuberger (Berlin), Prof Mark Deuze (Amsterdam), Dr Tamara Witschge (Groningen), Prof Dr Christian Nuernbergk (Trier)

Recent Publications:

Schumacher, N. F., Maurer, P., & Nuernbergk, C. (2021). Towards New Standards? Interaction Patterns of German Political Journalists in the Twittersphere. The International Journal of Press/Politics

Bruns, A., & Nuernbergk, C. (2019). Political Journalists and Their Social Media Audiences: New Power Relations. Media and Communication, 7(1), 198-212. DOI:10.17645/mac.v7i1.1759

Bruns, A., Nuernbergk, C., & Schapals, A. K. (2018). What Journalists Share: A Comparative Study of the National Press Corps in Australia and Germany. Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Social Media and Society (SMSociety ’18). New York, NY, USA, 256–260. DOI:10.1145/3217804.3217924