LINKS - Ökolinks
Information about ecology clubs, the origins of life, the ecoscene, news links, feature stories and many quotes.

Environmental Literacy Council
This site is dedicated to helping people, especially young people, participate in protecting the earth and contains information about air and climate, land, water, ecosystems, energy, food, environment and society.

American Rivers
The American Rivers’ site contains information about America’s most endangered rivers, clean water, dams, wild rivers, water scarcity and science advocacy.

The Climate Diagnostics Center
This site aims to advance understanding and predictions of climate variability, including information about climate research and its history.

The Ecological Society of America
The Society's aim is to promote the Science of Ecology, its site includes resources for educators and students.

Ecology and Society
A journal of integrative science for resilience and sustainability.
Information about rain forests and endangered species, how to save land and reduce pollution.

Ecology Hall of Fame
Information about heroes of the American environmental movement, such as Alan Chadwick, Henry Thoreau, Rachel Carson, John Burroughs, John Muir, Aldo Leopold, and a timeline.

National Wildlife Foundation

Ecology Center
This site contains the center’s magazine, an online bookstore, teacher resources, funds and further information.

Kids Do Ecology
Information about marine mammals, world biomes, conservation projects, EcoLinks - not only for children.

Earth & Sky
Answers to science questions.

The EnviroLink Network
Provides access to thousands of online environmental resources on topics such as ground pollution, waste management, water quality and environmental ethics.

World Wildlife Fund in the US
Information about endangered wildlife, wild places, global challenges, WWF in action, how to get involved and conservation science.

Investigate Biodiversity
Information about the basics of biodiversity, science projects, expeditions, and species.

Endangered Species Program, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Contains a list of threatened and endangered species.

The Nature Conservancy
The Conservancy’s aim is to preserve the plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on earth.

Ecology Center
Information about the struggle for clean air, safe water, healthy communities, and environmental justice. Information about an education program, health projects, land use and recycling.

Information about climate change, seas, ancient forests, genetic engineering, toxic chemicals, nuclear threat and sustainable trade.

Earthday Network
Worldwide movement to protect our planet, our children, and our future.