David Klehr

Research Assistant (doctoral candidate/ PhD Candidate)

Research interests

  • Environmental Satellite Remote Sensing
  • Tree Species Classification using High-Resolution Planet Fusion Imagery
  • Temporal Synthetic Unmixing Techniques for analysis of Tree Species Dynamics in Mixed Temperate Forests
  • Assessment of Long Satellite Time-Series Applicability for Investigation of Forest Development
  • Analysis of the Historical Evolution of Forest Composition in the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park Using Spy Satellite Imagery


Offered Courses:

  • Introduction into Geoinformatics (WS22/23; WS23/24)
  • Spatial Presentation and Planning - Learning with Cartographic Media (SS23)


Curriculum Vitae

2022 – ongoing Research Assistant; Doctoral Candidate

2022 Msc-Thesis: “Tree Species Classification in the National Park Hunsrück-Hochwald Using Hyper-Temporal Planet Fusion Imagery”

2019 – 2022 MSc in Applied Geoinformatics (Trier University)

2019 BSc-Thesis: “Application of OBIA-Techniques in Existing Vector Geometries”

2015 – 2019 BSc in Applied Geoinformatics (Trier University)