Degree Programme

Corresponding to the structure of the Faculty of Regional and Environmental Sciences, the teaching activities of the Department of Geobotany cover the entire field of botany and plant ecology. The Department is involved in the following degree programmes of Trier University:

  • Environmental Biosciences (Bachelor of Science und Master of Science);
  • Environmental Geosciences (Bachelor of Science) and Environmental Sciences (Master of Science);
  • Geoarchaeology (Bachelor of Arts und Master of Science);
  • Applied Geography (Bachelor of Science);
  • Process dynamics at the earth surface (Master of Science);
  • Bachelor and Master of Education in Biology
  • Bachelor of Education in Geography.

Besides lectures and seminars, the Department of Geobotany offers several field courses and exercises with modern lab devices as well as electronic data processing and excursions in Germany and abroad.

During the field course "Characterisation of plant communities and their habitats"

For further information, you are invited to have a look to the webpage of the Faculty of Regional and Environmental Sciences