Dipl.-Geogr. Sebastian Mader

Scientific Activities

since 10/2006

Research assistant EU-project DeSurvey


Research assistant; Development of software for spatially adaptive classification of forest stands from remotely sensed images

Thesis ("Diplom-Geograph"): Die Nutzung hyperspektraler Aufnahmesysteme zur erweiterten Parametrisierung eines Modellansatzes zur Landschaftsbewertung in mediterranen Trockengebieten (Using Hyperspectral Imaging Systems for an Enhanced Parameterisation of an Assessment Model to Analyse Landscape Condition in Mediterranean Drylands)


Development of a software component for microscale modelling of meteorological parameters based on digital elevation models


Student assistant


Internship at the German Aerospace Center, German Remote Sensing Data Center


Student assistant


Studies in Applied Physical Geography, Trier University; Major subjects: Remote Sensing, Climatology

Other Activities

since 2007

Teaching assignments

since 2003

System administration of file servers and workstations running Unix (Solaris, SuSE Linux)