Final Thesis and Coursework

Bachelor Thesis

Writing the bachelor thesis at the chair for Public Finance requires the obligatory participation in the course "Ökonomische Staatswissenschaft".  For students at B.Sc. Economics & Finance  Spezialisation may be granted exceptions.

Possible topics include:

  • Design and impact of taxes
  • Federalism
  • Governmental fiscal policy
  • Public Choice Theory: Decision Making
  • Public Choice Theory: Bureaucracy, Rent Seeking and Government Size
  • Spatial and economic connections between industries

Interested students should contact Mr. Ngoc Nam Le (lengocuni-trierde) with a short synopsis. This synopsis should not exceed two pages and include a motivation for the choice of the topic, a possible reserach question and a first overview of the literature. The exact and final topic will be arranged in a personal talk with the advisor.

A sample of the short synopsis can be found below in three file formats:

  1. Exposé.pdf
  2. Exposé.tex und Exposé.bib
  3. Exposé.docx

Please use the sample as a template for creating your short synopsis.

Master's thesis

Students who are interested in writing a master's thesis at the chair for Public Finance, must have attended the lecture and the seminar "European Energy Markets" of the master's program.

Possible topics include the entire lecture content and related or further questions of energy economics. Interested students are advised to think about a possible topic in advance. In exceptional cases, issues outside the energy economics and with not better fit to another professorship can also be edited.

In any case, the preliminary topic is fixed in a common conversation. Afterwards there is one week to think about the topic and have a first look at the literature. This is followed by either a mandatory registration or a new topic will be appointed.

The finished thesis will be read by the supervisor. Then it is "defended" by the author in a colloquium. The colloquium will be prepared in a conversation with the supervisor about one week before the colloquium. After the colloquium, the grade for the Master's thesis will be fixed.

Interested students may contact Prof. Dr. Ludwig von Auer (vonaueruni-trierde).

Guide for Writing Theses

The formal guidelines for writing a seminar, bachelor or master's thesis are described in the guide and should give a orientation. If the author prefers deviations from the guidelines, they should first be discussed with the supervisor. At the end of the thesis, a declaration on honor has to be added.

Guidelines (german/english)

LaTeX-Template (german/english)

Word-Template (german/english)

Printing and binding

We would like to inform you further that students are allowed to print and bind their theses cost-saving in the in-house print shop of the University of Trier. Please schedule for the printing process itself one or two days. Here you can reach the ►in-house print shop (print media).