CAKE Platform

CAKE (Collaborative Agile Knowledge Engine) is a prototypical generic software system for integrated process and knowledge management. CAKE integrates selected research results on agile workflows, case-based reasoning, and Web technologies into a common platform that can be configured to different application domains and needs.

The development of CAKE is an ongoing activity of the research group since 2004. Several research and development projects funded by different organizations have contributed so far to its development as well as a Habilitation thesis, 8 PhD theses, and numerous Diploma and Bachelor theses at the University of Trier.

CAKE has been used already to build various prototypical applications in diverse areas, such as fire services, chip design, medicine, agile software development, e-government, computer cooking, and geographical information systems.

The main components of CAKE are:

  • the agile workflow engine that interweaves workflow modeling and execution and thereby enables the flexible collaboration among various workflow participants,
  • a knowledge engine that applies process-oriented case-based reasoning methods, which allow retrieval and adaptation of semantic agile workflows in order to support business users in creating and adapting workflows on demand,
  • a common storage layer to consistently access und update all information related to workflows and for the acquisition of workflows from Web content, and
  • a browser-based user interface for accessing all components of CAKE in an integrated fashion.

CAKE Architecture

The development of CAKE is a research activity and it is still going on. The following diagram describes the overall CAKE architecture, we are currently building. Today, not all components are in their final state and not all components are yet fully integrated. Detailed descriptions of the components can be found in our publications.



The following projects contribut to the development of the CAKE framework.

Current projects

Completed projects

Completed student projects

  • 2009-2010: Workflow Unterstützung für Geographisches Informations-Management
  • 2008-2009: Kreation von Kochrezepten mit dem Computer
  • 2006-2007: Zustandsverfolgung in Prozemodellen durch Beobachtung der Bearbeitungsergebnisse
  • 2005-2006: Workflow Management für Geoinformationssysteme II
  • 2004-2005: Workflow Management für Geoinformationssysteme I

Selected Publications

Here you find a list of selected publications with relation to CAKE in its various versions.