5. Partnership Conference

"Centre and Periphery: Kanadistik"
University of Manitoba, St. Paul's College, September 29 - October 1, 1992



  • Prof. Beatrice Bagola
  • Prof. Hans J. Niederehe
  • Prof. Hans Braun
  • Prof. Wolfgang Flic
  • Prof. Hellmuth Milde
  • Prof. Albert Franz
  • Prof. Wolfgang Klooß
  • Prof. Herbert Zirker
  • Prof. Dietrich Zimmer
  • Prof. Robert Kroetsch
  • Prof. Chris Johnson



  • Roy Vogt



Panel Discussion

"Globalization and Community"
Lloyd Axworthy, Susan Hart-Kulbaba, Kevin Kavanagh

World Premiere

"Rabbit on the Moon"
Play by David G. Fraser