13. Partnership Conference

Sites of Geopolitical and Memory Projections: Canada and Germany
Partnership Conference between the Universities of Trier, Greifswald, and Manitoba
May 13-16, 2009; Stadtbibliothek Trier, Weberbach 25

Issues revolving around memory and geopolitics are at the core of our daily lives, politics, landscapes, and art production – yet too often, their influence is not recognized or investigated. Geopolitical projections shape the way we live, whether in regard to the limits and allocation of natural resources, to land claims and environmental concerns, or to our reaction towards progressively mobile and transnational populations. It is imperative that we recognize, understand, and discuss the foundations, processes and effects of these geopolitical projections.

The conference will deal with the construction of geopolitical projections and of memory in order to understand their existing interdependencies and point out where more or different interconnections are needed.

Sites of Geopolitical and Memory Projections: Canada and Germany, our international symposium, tackles these pressing, comprehensive issues from an interdisciplinary and comparative point of view. Scholars from relevant disciplines will contribute to the discussion of topics ranging from resource control, environmental law, competing strategic and security interests, to textual and filmic constructions of geopolitical environments, including historiographic metafiction or artistic depictions of mnemonic contexts and their respective reception.


For further information on the schedule of the conference, see the following files:

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