Every semester, the excursion team travels inexpensively with 50-60 students to various cities in and around Germany to explore new places together. The excursions serve, on the one hand, to give international students at the University of Trier the opportunity to expand the experience of their stay abroad here in Trier to explore new areas. For this purpose, international students are primarily considered when registering. On the other hand, the excursions should also encourage and experience intercultural exchange. That is why up to 20% of German students are allowed to register for the popular short trips.


If you have any questions about the excursions, Clara and Phillip are your contacts.



IZ in motion

With the "iZ in motion" project, we invite both Trier and international students to get to know each other better during sporting activities and excursions in the Trier area. In summer, for example, we organize beach volleyball tournaments, hikes and bicycle tours. Of course, we also offer a lot of different activities in winter, such as ice skating, sledding or climbing in the hall. Through these joint outdoor activities, we promote intercultural exchange in a relaxed atmosphere.


Haris and Franz will be happy to answer your questions about the actions.