Connect! - Connecting People, Cultures and Languages


With the project Connect! we want to bring international students closer to students and families from Trier. Thereby cultural, national but also linguistic barriers are exceeded and therefore friendships across borders are created. For this purpose Connect! offers three subprojects that enable this contact.

Our projects at Connect!:

1. Culture-buddy lead by Hani and Marco
Are you interested in an intercultural exchange with an international student? Then become a culture-buddy!
You can find more information here!

Registration Form: Students from Trier and international students

2. Foreigners become friends lead by Dieter and Mi
Would you like to participate as a family in international exchanges with students from all over the world? Then become a friend of a foreigner! You can find more information here!

Registration Form: Families and international students

3. Beyond Borders lead by Ayman and Yannik
You like to exceed cultural and national borders and take part in the everyday life of a refugee? Then beyond borders offers the optimal opportunity for you! You can find more information here!

Registration Form: Refugee and students from Trier

A registration does unfortunaly not guarantee to find a fitting tandem partner immediately, but we will try to take up your inquiry as best as possible. Please inform yourself before registrate for any projects to avoid missunderstandings.

If you have any further questions about the individual projects, please do not hesitate to contact us at connectiz-trierde.