International Center Trier - The association

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The International Center was found in 1990 as a space for international students to connect and seek support. In 1993 the center became a registered association. The board of directors is made up by eight voted members, as well as one representative from the RaST (Rat ausländischer Studierender/ council of foreign students) and one representative from the AStA (Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss/ Student Committee). In the summer of 2018 the International Center celebrated its 25th anniversary.

The principle of the International Center is support from students for students. In this context our primary interests are to reach out to international students in Trier, to integrate them in the university life and to support them, should there be any kinds of question regarding the student life. In detail this means:



  • Improving the general conditions for the stay of international students
  • Helping international students to integrate at the university and in the region Trier
  • Enhancing the intercultural exchange of all students of the University of Trier


Adressed groups

A primary task of the International Center is to establish new contacts. Therefore we mostly address four groups:

  • International students
  • International university groups
  • German Students
  • Citizens of the region Trier