The International Center is managed by a committee as well as a managing director.

Members of the committee

The committee is elected by the team of the International Center and is in charge of contents, public relations and the funding of our projects. The members of the committee are students of the University who work on a volunteer basis.

Referents of Events: Riad Hossain & Nataliia Motenko

Riad and Nataliia coordinate the events of the International Center. Next to annual projects, like participating in the summer festival of the University, they also organise events during the semester in order to help international students to come in contact with other students.

Referents of the interior: Yannick Wiener & Hani Abo Kheir

Yannick is in charge of the cooperation within our team. He takes care of the content-related part of our project and organises the procedure of the whole team.

Referents of Finance: Ayman Abo Kasim & Nadine Schmidt

Ayman and Ivana are taking care of the finance and the administration of the international center. They coordinate the budget and the list of members of the association.


Referents of public relations: Dora Avemarie & Johannes Strähle

Dora and Johannes are in charge of the website and the social media accounts. You can find us on Facebook and instagram! Other than that they design information and advertisement materials as well as brochures about events and project of the International Center.

Referents of the RASt (Rat ausländischer Studierender/ council of foreign students) and the AStA (Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss/ General Student Committee)

Referent of the RASt: Vanessa Alcauter

Referent of the AStA: Jörg Ketelsen


Both of them are complete our committee. They take care of a functional collaboration of the International Center with the AStA/RASt.