Our sponsors & supporters

We would like to thank all our sponsors and supporters for their help. A special thanks also to all the dedicated and motivated helpers who we cannot list here. Without the inspirational, financial and constructive contribution of numerous people and institutions, our voluntary work would not be possible. We are happy that the work of the iZ makes so many people come together to jointly promote intercultural exchange!

Akademisches Auslandsamt (AAA) – The International Office of the University of Trier

The International Office supports the work of the iZ in a very special way. We receive financial assistance for our voluntary tutors and our projects. Moreover, we are especially grateful for the inspirational support we get from all members of the AAA-staff.

Universität Trier

The University of Trier supports the IZ in various ways. A special thanks goes to the staff of the university and the pedellists, who actively support us during events and set-up.




Federal Ministry of Education and Research

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is a supreme federal authority of the Federal Republic of Germany. The headquarters of the Federal Ministry are located in the so-called Kreuzbauten in Bonn, with a second office in Berlin.



Democracy Life


Numerous initiatives, associations and committed citizens throughout Germany work every day to promote diverse, non-violent and democratic coexistence.

They are supported in this important work by the federal program "Democracy Live!" of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.


Studierendenwerk Trier

The ‘Studierendenwerk’ of the University of Trier supports the iZ financially. In addition, it provides us with the necessary materials for our activities each semester, so that events such as international cooking evenings and the Multicultural Summer Festival can run smoothly. The staff of the ‘Studierendenwerk’ also lend us advisory support.

AStA (General Students’ Committee of the University of Trier)

AStA, the General Students’ Committee, contributes via the iZ to the integration of international students at the University of Trier. Besides our office rooms, which are kindly provided to us by AStA, some events of the iZ are also supported financially. Likewise, we use the ‘Studierendenhaus’, which is maintained by AStA, for our weekly Language Evening.

Evangelische Studierendengemeinde Trier (ESG) (Protestant Students‘ Association)

Students are always welcome to stop by at the ESG Trier! This also includes us and the international students at the University of Trier. We are happy to have such a reliable partner as the ESG Trier, which provides its facilities for our events and supports us inspirationally as well as financially whenever possible.

Volksbank Trier eG

Volksbank Trier eG in Tarforst manages our accounts. We would like to thank them for their friendly and competent advice, as well as their online services.