Language courses

We are looking for you as a student from Trier but also as a native speaker!

Together you will immerse yourself in a casual and relaxed atmosphere, in a very specific language world, be it Spanish, Italian or French. As a native speaker you can offer language courses and act thereby as a language ambassador. You can give an introduction in your native language and enable an insight in your country and your culture. The students from Trier will profit from your language skills as a native speaker and at the same time an intercultural exchange of the languages, different cultures and countries is enabled. 


Laura and Zoé will be happy to answer your questions by email at speakiz-trierde.




Language evenings


The best way to learn languages ​​is to speak them! The fact that this works most pleasantly and authentically in a casual, relaxed environment is shown by the great popularity of the international language evening, during which numerous students usually come together every week in the "Studihaus" to practice their foreign languages ​​in a relaxed atmosphere over tea and snacks. Native speakers look after the various regular language tables in order to offer foreign language learners linguistically competent input and to be able to provide assistance with questions about the language and culture.


This semester the language evening will take place in person in the "Studihaus". Every tuesday from 8 pm to 10 pm.


Your contact persons are Prabina und Ahmad.




Writing academic texts (term papers, presentations, lectures, etc.) is a major challenge for foreign speakers. Since their subjects usually have the same linguistic requirements as the German native speakers, the proofreading department offers assistance with this task. In the office hours, the team answers specific questions about the university standards of scientific work and can help with formulations. In addition, a database is maintained with contacts to volunteer proofreaders from the respective subject areas who agree to correct longer texts such as term papers, etc.


It is always emphasized that this support is limited to purely linguistic aspects and that the students are responsible for the content of their work. Nonetheless, subject affiliations are used, as corresponding interests and knowledge of specialist terminology are an advantage when making corrections.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dominic and Thomas at the following email address: proofreadingiz-trierde.