TEAM - Health Psychology - Prevention and Rehabilitation

Prof. Dr. Heike Spaderna

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Head of Department, Professor of Health Psychology with a focus on prevention and rehabilitation

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Prof. Dr. Gerdi Weidner

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Alexander von Humboldt guest researcher

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Eva Pfeiffer-Fuchs

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Jeremia M. Hoffmann, Dipl.-Psych.

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Psychological psychotherapist, doctoral candidate

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External doctoral students

Stefan Feiten, Dipl.-Psych.

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Title of the doctoral project:
Physical activity of breast cancer patients undergoing (neo-)adjuvant chemotherapy in routine care (KAB-R) in cooperation with the InVO - Institute, Prof. Dr. Weide

InVO Institut für Versorgungsforschung in der Onkologie GbR
Neversstraße 5
56068 Koblenz

+49 (0)261 / 921 5693-23


Student assistants

Amelie Manz

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Student assistant in the SkillsLab

Hello, my name is Amelie Manz and I am studying for a Bachelor's degree in Clinical Nursing. As a student assistant, I take care of the SkillsLab; I make sure that it is organized and tidy and also develop new scenarios for in-depth and evidence-based learning as part of SimbaT.


Jan Munhoven

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Project: SIMBAT - Simulation-based training in nursing studies


As part of the "SimbaT" project (simulation-based training in nursing studies), I help with the design and implementation of simulation scenarios. The focus of my work is on the technical implementation and automation of the scenarios. The simulation gives students the opportunity to practice the skills they have learned in a safe environment. Everything is possible, from simple hand movements to highly complex care situations.


Sebastian Spoo



Project: Airbike

Former employees

Sandra Röhrich

Kathleen Gali

Nadine Thomanek

Victoria Assel

Lisa Grewe

Richard Mays

Lukas Nerstheimer

Annika Thies

Sarah Löchel

Julia Ruff

Miriam Wieland

Nina Hermans

Almira Muratovic

Carmen Laufer

Daniel Schütz

Johanna Evertz

Natascha Lauer