Registration of Bachelor and Master Thesis

You can receive the application form for the Bachelor or Master thesis by e-mail from the respectice advisor for you at the university examination office.

Information on the current procedure

After you receive the application for the Bachelor or Master thesis, please print it out, complete it and sign it. Please forward a scanned copy of the application to both your first and second examiners in the email. The examiners can then send a confirmation email together with your scan to the responsible advisor in the Examination Office. The timeframe for writing your thesis begins on the date of the confirmation email from the first examiner.

It is also possible to send your thesis application in by mail with the examiners' signature. In this case, the examiners must sign and date the respective name field(s) on the application. The submission deadline is based on the date entered by the first examiner.

The timeframe for writing your thesis, as stipulated in Trier University’s General Examination Regulations (Allgemeinen Prüfungsordnung), are three month for a B.Ed thesis and four month for a B.A. or B.Sc. thesis and in the case of a Master thesis it is six months.

The submission deadline will be entered in PORTA by the advisor in the Examination Office after the application has been processed and you will be informed by email (with the examiner being copied in the email).

According to the General Examination Regulations (Allgemeine Prüfungsordnung der Universität Trier), the final thesis must be submitted to the Examination Office by the deadline, bound and in triplicate. If it is not currently possible to have the thesis bound, three printed copies or an electronic version (PDF document) can be submitted to your respective advisor in the Examination Office (HPA). If the submission is done electronically, a printed version must be submitted by post as soon as possible. Please be sure to include or attach the signed affidavit.
If storage media (CDs, USB sticks, ...) are enclosed with the final thesis, these must also be enclosed in triplicate.

An example of what the cover page of the final thesis could look like can be found here.

If you have any questions, please contact pruefunguni-trierde.