Module manual

The module manual describes the modules of the Bachelor's programme and the courses they contain. On the course of studies page, you can see the courses and the semesters they should be taken in in order to complete one’s study in the standard period of 6 semesters, while having the contents build on each other as sensibly as possible.

Examination regulation

The examination regulations specify which academic achievements must be completed under which conditions in order to successfully complete the degree programme and obtain the title B.Sc. in psychology. Both the general exam regulations of the university and the specific exam regulations of the B.Sc. Psychology programme apply. They can be found under the following link: Examination regulation

We recommend that you complete the non-psychology elective module U between the 2nd and 5th semester. This way, if you otherwise study according to the module plan, you will have at least 144 ECTS points after the 5th semester, which is sufficient for applying for the master's degree in most programs.