Javier Sanz


Javier Sanz Álvarez graduated in High School at Madison, Ohio, USA. He took an Honours Degree (Licenciatura) in English Philology at the Complutense University, Madrid, Spain, and later completed a Masters Degree in Theoretical Linguistics at Tromsø, Norway.

In November 2015, he began working as a research assistant (wiss. Mitarbeiter) in the project 'The Prosody of Derived Words in English', under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Sabine Arndt-Lappe (University of Trier). The project is part of the research unit (DFG-Forschergruppe) 'Spoken Morphology: Phonetics and Phonology of Complex Words', coordinated by Prof. Dr. Ingo Plag (University of Düsseldorf).


Research Interests

  • Linguistic theory
    • Interface theory, Optimality Theory, Metrical Phonology, phonetically grounded phonology, associationist vs. algebraic accounts of natural language computation, parallel vs. serial architectures of grammar
  • Research topics
    • Stress-related variation, English derivatives, word truncation in English and Spanish 


Short CV