Multimedia Editions of Medieval English Texts (MEMET)


1. CBTales


A Multimedia Version of Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales: The General Prologue on CD-ROM. Edited by Jürgen Strauss. Layout and programming by Stephan Heitmeyer. – With text, sound track, phonetic transcription, English and German translations, concordance, English and German glossary. University of Trier, 1999.

This multimedia version of the General Prologue was edited by using modern multi-media potentials in order to facilitate the study of the history of the English language and culture.

It aims at students who want to obtain access to Middle English texts.

The CD offers:

   1. the Middle English text of the General Prologue;

   2. a reading of the Middle English text;

   3. an interlinear phonetic transcription of the text;

   4. interlinear German and Modern English translations;

   5. a complete concordance of all occurring forms and of all occurring phonetic
       transcriptions of forms, including a glossary with German and English

The CD offers a maximum in convenience to the user: by mouse-clicking the corresponding buttons students may insert either the interlinear phonetic transcription, the interlinear German translation, or the English translation. Passages can be selected for replay by dragging the mouse cursor over the desired lines. The concordance provides two-way hyperlinks between the text and an auto-generated vocabulary list: by clicking on a word one immediately gets the corresponding entry in the concordance showing the phonetic transcription, the English and German explanations, and reference to all other occurrences of the word. Various other features, such as a button-link to all pilgrims depicted in the Prologue (including their miniatures from the Ellesmere manuscript), add to the 'user-friendliness' of this edition.



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