The Bachelor's programme STeM (B.Sc.)

Digitalisation is bringing profound changes to all areas of life in society, including science. The study programme Language, Technology, Media (STeM) accompanies and shapes these changes. It is interdisciplinary and deals with digitally mediated language in its entire breadth: from written texts and spoken language to audiovisual and social media.

With STeM, the CLDH offers a modern Bachelor's degree programme that provides a specialisation in informatic methods for the content analysis of text and media that is unique in Germany. In addition to well-founded and subject-specific knowledge, the programme imparts central theoretical foundations and problem-solving and methodological competence. These methodological competence include, in particular, computer-based technologies for the digital representation and automated evaluation of media-mediated language, as well as the algorithmic generation of new content. The students' ability to reflect on the use of such methods is also promoted.

The high degree of flexibility in the course of study is also unique: After the common one-year basic study programme, students choose a focus in which elective modules offer them the opportunity to further specialise guided by their interests. Thus, they do not have to decide until after the start of their studies whether they want to work more methodologically (computational linguistics and artificial intelligence), more in the humanities (digital humanities) or more focused on a research topic (phonetics).

STeM Flowchart