Hyperspectral cameras

In our lab, we have a HySpexVNIR 1600 and a HySpex SWIR 320m-e Hyperspectral Camera with a translation stage, a rotation stage, a lab frame and a light source. 

The cameras record images line by line in up to 160 spectral channels at 400 - 1000 nm (VNIR) and 1000 - 2500 nm (SWIR) wavelength. One line is made up of 1600 (VNIR) or 320 (SWIR) pixels. An image is created by scanning either by moving the object under the fixed camera (translation stage) or by moving the camera (rotation stage or airborne mode).

Some of our dataset are available for download at www.enmap.org/?q=flights (see also here).

HySpex on Rotation Stage
Hyperspectral scan from a platform