Katharina Thiel

Katharina Thiel, M.A.
Research Assistant and Ph.D. Student


Room: Building C, Room 331
Tel.:  +49 651 201 2614
E-Mail: thieluni-trierde


Katharina Thiel studied business administration with a Bachelor of Arts degree at the DHBW Karlsruhe and completed her M.A. in Human Resources Development at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern.

After several years as a manager and employee in various organizations nationally and internationally, she worked as an employee of the personnel development department at the University of Trier. As a sideline, Ms. Thiel works as a lecturer and examiner for the Handwerkskammer Trier.

Currently, Ms. Thiel works as a research assistant at the Chair of Management at the University of Trier. There she is the contact person for the project "SPIRIT – Entwicklung unternehmerischer Kompetenzen in den Geistes- und Gesellschaftswissenschaften“ at the University of Trier.