FAQ final theses

Please also note the current information from the University Examinations Office on the topic of "Current changes to registrations for Bachelor's and Master's theses".


Types of theses and topics

On which topics can one write a thesis at the professorship?

In principle, theses are supervised on all the main topics of the professorship.


Are thesis topics advertised at the professorship?

If topic announcements exist, you can find them here. If you do not find any topic announcements there, you are required to define a topic and a question together with your supervisor as part of the first phase of the supervision process.


Is it possible to write empirical theses at the professorship?

Yes, it is possible to write empirical theses. As a rule, students must collect the (qualitative/quantitative) data for their theses themselves. If there is data at the professorship on the basis of which a thesis can be written, you will find a topic announcement here.


Is it possible to write a thesis in cooperation with a company?

At the professorship, final theses are supervised in cooperation with corporate partners. If you are in contact with an interested company partner, please contact us before applying for a thesis position (see below). If you are not in contact with a company partner, you may find a topic announcement here that is supervised at the Professorship of Management.

Application, supervision and registration

How do I apply for a thesis at the Professorship of Management?

Places for writing theses are exclusively allocated via the central allocation procedure in the subject Business Administration. All information on the central allocation and registration can be found here. If you are assigned to the Professorship of Management in the course of the allocation procedure, we will contact you shortly.


How is supervision organised at the Professorship of Management?

Central elements of thesis supervision at the Professorship of Management are the thesis colloquium and individual supervision by the assigned supervisor.


What can I expect from the thesis colloquium?

The thesis colloquium is an event for thesis candidates that takes place every two to four weeks (event number: 14202592, registration in Porta required). Within the framework of the colloquium, there is first an introduction to scientific work. In addition, the topics of the theses are specified and presented, and their progress is discussed. 


What does the one-to-one supervision include?

At the professorship, you will be assigned to a supervisor who will support you in particular in working out the research question and developing an exposé. A total of approx. 3 appointments (personal or telephone consultation hours, detailed feedback by email) are scheduled as part of the supervision. Additional supervision appointments may be necessary, especially for empirical work and work with practice partners.


When will the thesis be registered?

The supervising professorship is responsible for deciding when to register a thesis. We will register your thesis when a viable exposé (see above) has been prepared. This should be done no later than 4 weeks after the introductory event for the colloquium. Empirical work that involves data collection may be registered later due to possible uncertainties regarding the duration of the data collection.

Deadlines, format requirements, submission and grade overview

What deadlines and examination requirements must be considered?

All examination regulations, e.g. regarding deadlines and processing times, are regulated by the examination regulations for the Bachelor's and Master's degree programme in Business Administration at the University of Trier as well as the HPA. It is your responsibility to observe the requirements and deadlines.


What format requirements must be observed when writing theses?

The guidelines and form requirements applicable at the Chair as well as other helpful tips and documents are available in the Stud.IP folder of our thesis colloquium.


In what form must the thesis be submitted?

The HPA is responsible for the basic requirements for submitting the work. Find out about the current regulations there. At the Professorship of Management, the thesis must also be sent to the respective supervisor in digital form, in PDF format. In the case of empirical papers, data sets and the syntax for data evaluation must also be submitted to the respective supervisor in digital form.


Is there a published overview of thesis grades in recent years?

No, such an overview is not published.