Computer Science, we shape the future!

No other scientific discipline has changed and shaped our working and living environment in the last 30 years as much as computer science. Our developments have become so ubiquitous that we often no longer notice them or take them for granted: cell phones, computers, game consoles and digital cameras are everyday objects, and access to the Internet is an absolute matter of course.

Computer science and business informatics are key drivers of innovation for technical progress and increasing efficiency in companies. As a graduate of our subjects, you can drive innovation in many exciting areas. We offer companies and researchers a wide range of cooperation opportunities.

Study & Organisation

At the University of Trier, computer science is represented by core information technology and business information technology. Computer science includes seven working groups and eight professorships, business informatics includes two working groups and three professors. Together we train students in ten key areas and are also active in training them to become teachers. There are also many possible combinations of our subjects with other focuses at the university.


Our research focuses are just as diverse as the courses on offer. The spectrum ranges from theoretical computer science to information security to the design of adaptive workflows or the simulation of complex relationships.

We warmly invite you to visit our campus!

The Computer Science Team.