Talks of Trier winter semester 2022/23

Trierer Talks

This winter semester 2022/23 the Institute for Digital Law Trier (IRDT) invites again for the Talks of Trier about Digital Law. Those are concerning the topic: “Sicherheitslücken“ (“security holes“)


On the 17th January 2023 Prof. Dr. Thomas Wischmeyer (Universität Bielefeld) will talk about security holes approved by the state. On the 7th January 2023 will follow a presentation by Prof. Dr. Christian Gomille (Universität des Saarlandes) with the title: „Der Feind im eigenen Haus? – (Vertragliche) Ansprüche auf Sicherheits-Updates“ (The enemy in your own house? – (Contractual) Claims for security updates“).


Just like last year, the IRDT will also hand out certificates for participations for those students who attended both events and participated actively in the discussion (at least one contribution per event).

For the meetings access data, please, send an e-mail to irdtuni-trierde (until 18 o’clock on the events day).

66. Talks of Bitburg: Strategic Litigation – the execution of collective interests at German courts

Picture Talks of Bitburg

In 2023 the Gesellschaft für Rechtspolitik (company for Legal Policy) (gfr) and the Institut für Rechtspolitik an der Universität Trier (Insitute for Legal Policy Trier) (IRP) organize the Bitburger Gespräche (Talks of Bitburg). The topic of the 66. Talk on 12th and 13th January 2023 in Trier is: „Strategic Litigation – die Durchsetzung kollektiver Interessen vor deutschen Gerichten“  („Strategic Litigation – the execution of collective interests at German courts“.

The event is non-public and only for invited guest. The contributions will be published in due course.

Yearbooks of "Talks of Bitburg" available online for free

Cover Yearbook Talks of Bitburg

The publishers C.H. Beck and Mohr Siebeck allow the Institut für Rechtspolitik (Institute for Legal Policy) (IRP) to download all single contributions of the Bitburger Gespräche (Talks of Bitburg) and the „Bitburger Gespräche in München“ („Talks of Bitburg in Munich“) in pdf-format for free.

The contributions can be found here.
Further informations to former kinds of events and to the yearbook are available on the website of the IRP.

“The Cambridge Handbook of Responsible Artificial Intelligence” now available (E-Book-version open access!)

The Cambridge Handbook of Responsible Artificial Intelligence

Now, the “Cambridge Handbook of Responsible Artificial Intelligence – Interdisciplinary Perspectives” (Vöneky/Kellmeyer/Mueller/Burgard (eds.)) were published as e-books and, further more, as printed versions. Antje von Ungern-Sternberg contributed with an article with the title “Discriminatory AI and the Law – Legal Standards for Algorithmic Profiling”.

The whole handbook is available open acces and can be found here. To the contribution by Prof. Dr. von Ungern-Sternberg follow here.

The printed version of the handbook is obtailnable with the ISBN 978-1-00-920786-7.