to the Chair for Public Law, Comparative Law, Law and Religion, and Public International Law of

Research Focus

The main research areas of the chair are constitutional law, european and international law and comparative law, in particular

  • religious constitutional law,
  • fundamental and human rights,
  • democracy and
  • Digitalisation.


Antje von Ungern-Sternberg also offers courses in the following key areas in addition to the compulsory courses in public law:

  • SPB 1 Basics of European legal development (constitutional history of early modern times, state church law)

  • SPB 6 European and Public International Law 

  • SPB 8 Information Society Law and Intellectual Property (Data Law)


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You can follow news about new publications, events and much more here.



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Information about the chair holder and the current employed staff can be found here.


Teaching and materials

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In addition to the lectures, the link lists on literature and constitutional history, news on data protection and the blog "Zur Geschäftsordnung", can be viewed here.



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The chair regularly organises conferences or colloquia. Among others, these take place in cooperation with the Institute for Law and Digitalisation (IRDT) or the Institute for Legal Policy (IRP). You can find out more about them here.