Gerhard Robbers (ed.), Religion in Public Education – La religion dans l'éducation publique
European Consortium for Church and State Research
Proceedings of the Conference, Trier, 11-14 November 2010 -
Actes du Colloque, Trèves, 11-14 novembre 2010


Year: 2011

Published in: Trier [Germany]

Publisher: European Consortium for Church and State Research

ISBN: 978-3-00-036029-9

Pages: 569 p.

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The 22nd annual conference of the European Consortium for Church and State Research took place from 11 to 14 November 2010 in Trier, Germany. Founded in 1989, the Consortium unites experts of law and religion of all Member States of the European Union. In annual meetings, various topics of the relations between religions and states within the European Union are discussed. This year’s conference was dedicated to the topic “Religion in Public Education”. Scholars from 27 European countries discussed inter alia the role of religion in the European member states’ educational systems, opting out of school obligations for religious reasons, home schooling as well as religious dress and symbols in public schools. The present proceedings contain the opening lectures, all country reports and a report on the European Union law.


Table of Contents

Gerhard Robbers,Prefacep. 7
José de Sousa e Brito,General Aspects of Religion and Education in the Secular State p. 9
David McClean,Religious Dress and Symbols in Schools p. 17
Norman Doe,Religion and Public Schools in the States of the European Union – A Juridical Overview p. 29
Stefan Hammer / Johannes Franck, Religion in Public Education – Report on Austria p. 39
Rik Torfs, Religious Instruction in Public Education in Belgium p. 63
Hristo P. Berov, Religion in the Public Education System of Bulgaria p. 73
Achilles C. Emilianides, Religion in Public Education in Cyprus p. 87
Jiří Rajmund Tretera / Záboj Horák, Religion in Public Education in the Czech Republic p. 99
Lisbet Christoffersen, Religion in Public Education – Denmark p. 113
Merilin Kiviorg, Religious Education in Estonia p. 117
Matti Kotiranta, Religious Education in Finland p. 139
Francis Messner, Religion et éducation en France p. 155
Hans Michael Heinig, Religion in Public Education – Germany p. 167
Nikos Ch. Maghioros, Religion in Public Education – Report on Greece p. 195
Balázs Schanda,Religion in Public Education in Hungary p. 217
Paul Colton, Religion in Public Education in Ireland p. 227
Alessandro Ferrari, La religion dans l’éducation publique – le cas italien p. 257
Ringolds Balodis,

Religion in Public Education – Latvian Experience

p. 273
Andrius Sprindziunas, Religion in Public Education in Lithuania p. 295
Patrick Kinsch, L’État et l’enseignement privé au Grand-Duché de Luxembourg p. 311
Philippe Poirier, La religion dans l’enseignement public au Luxembourg p. 319
Sophie van Bijsterveld, Religion in Public Education in the Netherlands p. 363
Józef Krukowski, Religion in Public Education – Poland p. 383
André Folque, Religion in Public Portuguese Education p. 399
Emanuel P. Tăvală, Religion and Public Education in Romania p. 425
Marek Šmid, Religion in Public Education – Slovakia p. 443
Blaž Ivanc, Religion in Public Education – Slovenia p. 455
Agustín Motilla, Religion in Public Education – Spain p. 473
Lars Friedner, Religion in Public Education – Sweden p. 493
David McClean, Religion in Public Education – United Kingdomp. 503
Jean Duffar,La religion dans l'éducation publique – Droit international et européenp. 521

Michał Rynkowski,

Religion in European Schools p. 567