Under the aspect of comparative law the IEVR also works in the field of State-Church-Relations. Also in this field different databases and collections are created and updated permanently as well as publications released.


WORKING-MATERIALS (databases and collections)

The IEVR develops, administrates and updates several databases and collections in the  range of the law of the state church.
This is about the acquisition of jurisdiction in Germany, France and Europe (ECJ and ECHR). This databases are conducted multilingual (German, French, English) to some extend.
Furthermore, collections of religious termns and regulations are offered by the institute. The religious regulations of the European Union are multilingual (German, French, English, Italian), those of the Federal Republic of Germany are bilingual (German, English). Both Collections are available as well online as in printed version.


PROJECT - European Studies on Religion and State Interaction

The "European Studies on Religion and State Interaction" is a three year Socrates thematic Network. EuReSIS NET aims to contribute to the creation of a European educational system which prepares young people to respect the religious diversity, to reject prejudices, to feel the necessity of a peaceful social cohabitation in the European religious mosaic. Through a multidisciplinary, interreligious, interconfessional educational approach tries to improve the qualitiy of Religion and State studies in Europe by mapping, analyzing the current situation and developping new methods of studying, understanding and teaching. The harmonization of courses, the adoption of tuning methodology, the facilitation of student and staff mobility, the cooperation between universities and society are specific objectives.

The IEVR is partner of the project "European Studies on Religion and State Interaction".